IP Accelerator helped Medifiber quickly protect their trademark

"With IP Accelerator, I was able to list products on Amazon.in using my brand name and take advantage of Amazon’s brand building and brand protection tools as soon as I filed my trademark application."

Sakar Mohta
Founder, Medifiber

A serendipitous transition

A native of Ranchi, in the east Indian state of Jharkhand, Sakar Mota’s business began at home.

Leveraging his Big Four consulting firm experience, he grew his family’s garments retail store into a thriving apparel manufacturing, trading and retail business. Initially the business focused on traditional women’s kurtis but he grew it to include office wear and western style clothing as well. On top of that, he expanded distribution across three states: Jharkhand, Bihar, and Assam.

Like millions of other business owners around the world, Sakar Mota had to get creative very quickly when the COVID-19 pandemic hit. And with a series of national and regional lockdowns in place to slow the virus' spread, his sales plummeted. Luckily, Sakar didn't have to pivot too much to save his business. "We realized there was a huge demand for medical clothing," he recalls.

Given his knowledge and experience of the clothing industry, branching out into this new niche made perfect sense. And, just like that, the event that had put his business in peril also turned out to be the answer to his woes.

On the mend

Sakar started selling medical clothing online in September 2020 under a brand name that was not registered under the Trademark Act, 1999. He worked very hard to develop his business on Amazon.in.

"It took a lot of time and effort to develop my product and grow my customer base," he says. "But, once it started selling well, other sellers started to copy my products.”

Unfortunately, without a registered trademark, his listings were generic and unbranded and there were limited legal courses of action that Sakar could take. While it was disheartening to see bad actors profit off his hard work, the experience taught him an important lesson.

"Losing those sales made me realize the importance of having intellectual property rights," Sakar says. Determined to rebuild and protect his brand, he got to work securing a trademark registration.

Operation IP

Sakar's journey towards obtaining a trademark registration started with a simple web search. One of the law firms he got in touch with was part of the Amazon IP Accelerator program. Amazon IP Accelerator takes the stress out of establishing intellectual property rights by giving brands access to a network of curated and trusted IP law firms. Through these firms, they can get trademark filing services at competitive rates.

The law firm helped him review potential brand names, guided him through the trademark registration process, and advised him of the best steps for success.

"The law firm was so helpful! They had an early idea of which brand name options we selected had the highest chances of getting registered. So, we went on with Medifiber and eventually, without any objection, it got registered.”

But what Sakar found especially appealing about IP Accelerator was that it would enable him to gain quick access to Amazon brand protection and brand building tools as soon as he filed his trademark application. "I was under the impression that, until I registered the trademark, I would have to keep selling under a generic brand name," Sakar says. "But the law firm I worked with told me that as part of Amazon IP Accelerator, I could start using the new brand on Amazon from the first day I filed."

This, Sakar says, "was the icing on the cake. It was a huge benefit."
Ranchi, India
Medical apparel
Amazon Brand Registry

Amazon IP Accelerator

Business, accelerated

Enrolling in Brand Registry unlocks access to exclusive brand protection and brand building tools. Being able to take advantage of these tools immediately upon filing the trademark was a game-changer for Sakar and the Medifiber brand.

For protecting his new brand, Sakar finds the Report a Violation tool, particularly useful. "Brand Registry is a must. With Report a Violation," he says, "you're protected from counterfeiters and bad actors attempting to take advantage of your intellectual property, including your images or logo.”

"I've used it a couple of times, — when my images were used by another seller. Every time, the process was easy and the issue was sorted immediately."

For building his brand, Sakar credits A+ Content for helping his products stand out.
"A+ Content makes a huge difference because it enables you to tell your story in a way that builds a much stronger connection with your customers," he says. "It’s a must have."
Brand Registry is a must. With Report a Violation. You're protected from counterfeiters and bad actors attempting to take advantage of your intellectual property, including your images or logo.
Sakar MohtaMedifiber

Set up for success

Two years on from the COVID-19 pandemic, Sakar's business is thriving. While his success is due to his adaptability and willingness to take on new challenges, he believes he wouldn't be where he is today if it weren't for Amazon.

"Amazon helped me immensely during the pandemic," he explains. "I was able to make sales, retain my labor, and retain my suppliers."

More importantly, he continues, IP Accelerator and Brand Registry have helped him secure his business' future.

"Every brand that doesn’t have a trademark should take advantage of Amazon’s IP Accelerator program."

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