Protecting local craftsmanship and quality in a time of need

“If you want to sleep soundly as a brand owner, join Transparency.”

Stefano Bolzicco

A mark of quality

When puts "Made in Italy" on their furniture, they really mean it.

The vast majority of their suppliers are Italian and based within a mile of's showroom in Udine – a small city nestled between the Italian Alps and the Adriatic sea.

It does not get more local than that. And this is something the company's founder Stefano Bolzicco is extremely proud of.

"Made in Italy is guaranteed," he says. "My products are made by highly skilled local craftspeople with the best raw materials."

High-quality furniture has never been more in demand. But it is an open secret that counterfeiting is also widespread.

But, what is worse is that most customers are not aware that the furniture they are buying is not genuine.

Because local craftsmanship is a cornerstone of’s brand, this was a concern from day one.

"Counterfeiting creates all sorts of problems," says Stefano. "First of all, counterfeiters would not work with my suppliers. So the customer is getting an inferior product."

"Counterfeiting is also unfair competition. It costs more to make high quality products, so I can not compete on price. And seeing your sales decrease and your reputation taking a hit because customers have had bad experiences with products that are not genuine is very frustrating."

A welcomed invitation

Worried about's reputation and sales, Stefano decided to sign up for Amazon Brand Registry. Shortly thereafter, he received an invitation to discuss a new programme called Transparency.

Stefano considers accepting this invitation to be one of the most important decisions he has made for the business.

"I immediately realised that Transparency would solve my counterfeit problem. Every product has a code which is unique and cannot be replicated. So if the code and the product do not match – or if the code is missing – the product gets investigated."

Fighting back against counterfeiters

Joining Transparency paid off straight away.

"You feel instantly protected," enthuses Stefano. "You are no longer afraid of waking up and finding you lost out because something wrong happened that was out of your control. Incredible, right?"

But signing up has also had long-term benefits for More importantly, being able to ensure that customers can only receive genuine products has also helped increase brand awareness.

"More people have become familiar with the brand. And, better still, more people are remembering it when they are looking to buy quality furniture."

With people spending more time at home – and working from home – demand for desks, office chairs, and other furniture has significantly increased.

But counterfeiting has also increased, because bad actors have seized the opportunity to exploit the unprecedented demand.

Joining Transparency could not have happened at a better time.

Stefano is convinced Transparency played a huge part in their sales increasing by a massive 312% since joining in 2019, because it protected and reinforced the brand's reputation at a time of peak demand... and peak risk.

"In fact," Stefano notes, "Transparency has also helped us stand out at other peak times like Black Friday, because its protection has strengthened's positioning and helped it gain greater recognition."
San Giovanni Al Natisone, IT
Home and Furniture
Amazon Brand Registry

Transparency has created a positive feedback loop. With counterfeit products sidelined, people can only get the genuine article. And they start learning that you stand for quality and can be trusted to deliver a safe product. That, in turn, has a positive effect on your turnover.
Stefano BolziccoFounder,

Focusing on what matters

Transparency has made it possible for them to take proactive action to combat counterfeits. Not having to worry about it has allowed Stefano to focus on what actually matters most to him – bringing international recognition to Udine’s skilled craftspeople and providing the best experience for their valued customers.

This has helped their reputation for quality to grow.

"Transparency costs nothing compared to the benefits it brings... It gives you the certainty that nobody will undermine the reputation you have worked so hard to build by offering a similar but lower-quality product. If you want to protect your brand, I strongly recommend joining."

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